Scratch Art Project

Scratch Art Project 1:

What can you create using only blue squares and red circles?

What are we learning in this art-themed project?
Here we are learning computational concepts of sequence, loops and events. For example, look at script for sprite2. These 3 blocks are in sequence, step by step instruction for the sprite to move on the screen.

See example and step by step instructions below:


Spanish flahcards-Las profesiones (Careers)

The link to the flashcards for the vocabulary on "Las profesiones" can be found below.

The link to the Scratch Google Form can be found below"

Click on the link below to submit your name and the link to your Scratch Project.

Spanish Flashcards for Números 1 al 15

Learn and review the numbers 1 through 15 in Spanish by clicking on the link below:

Spanish Flashcards for La Casa Lesson (House)

Click on the link below to access the flashcards, lessons and games on La Casa (House)

More coding fun!

Explore more puzzles here!

Hour of Code Scratch Tutorial (Holiday card)

To view the Hour of Code Scratch Tutorial click on the link below:

Hour of Code

As educators, we strive to help our students understand the world around them. This week, during Computer Science Education Week, is sponsoring an Hour of Code where students will gain a basic understanding of the underlying software that drives our modern world.  Through STEM education, the development of critical thinking skills and hands-on programs like, we hope to change our students from simple consumers of technology to empowered innovators and makers.

Are you teaching/learning code in school?

Watch this video to better understand why we need to teach learn code to provide our students with the best opportunities for their future.

Begin the basic hour of code below:

Christmas around the World Project Resources

You will be writing a three paragraph essay about Christmas traditions in your assigned country. Follow the guidelines distributed in class. Remember to keep track of the websites visited and the date you visit them. You will need to cite in MLA (Modern Language Association) format.

Below is a list of websites with content for your project: