Movie Maker Video Tutorials

Below you will find the video links for Tutorials # 1 and # 2 for Windows Live Movie Maker:

Stem workshop

Challenge of Discovery STEM workshop! Great collaborative presentation on the Osiris-Rex project and the needed partnership between scientists and engineers!


MDS3 School Climate Survey

Below is the link for the Student School Climate Survey. 

Carefully read the directions on the survey and read each question before answering. Please choose answers that best describe your own beliefs and experiences. Everyone should take the survey independently, so do not discuss your answers with other students.

Click on the link below to begin:

Password: b01aecc8


STEM on DENvice


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St. Louis School is committed to STEM education.  As the school’s STEM initiatives chair, I have created a blog to share and showcase the work that is being done in the classrooms.  Please visit


Viewing a presentation by Lance Rogeaux titled at the Core of Instruction:going digital with the Common Core

Location:Hershey Lodge

How to jump and bounce on Scratch

Below is the video that will help you Jump and Bounce on Scratch:

Scratch tutorials

To view some of the Scratch tutorials cllick on one of th elinks below:

Introduction, Animation and Sound:

Designing your own Sprite:

Designing a simple aquarium: