This is what it is all about!

What a joy to have a young digital learner join us and remind us of the reason why we are here. It is s about the kids!

A third grader shows the power of Scratch!

Third grader, Rachel Fryer shares the power of MIT created Scratch with the audience.

Wes Fryer closes DENSI with a bang!

Today the amazing DENSI experience comes to an end. Wes Fryer is our final speaker and emphasizes the importance of leveraging the power of words for constructive use.

Science Tech Book

So excited to bring the Science Tech book opportunity to my students where they will see Science come alive!

Unconference day!

Ready for unconferences! I could spend another week here learning and collaborating with all these outstanding educators.

Another amazing day!

The ideas are coming fast and furious and are causing brain overload. Another outstanding day at DENSI 2012!

Hall Davidson at his best!

Hall shares a multitude of apps and gadgets to incorporate into the classroom. Can't wait to try out leaf snap on my phone.

Engage them!

Paul Andersen ( emphasizes that in order to engage our 21st century learned we must move from a passive teacher centered classroom to an active student centered classroom.

DenMazing Race