Top Ten Things I learned at DENSI 2012


In many ways we each live in our own narrow world.  It is difficult to stay informed and aware of new ideas and tools that could improve our performance and effectiveness.  My week at DENSI (Discovery Education Summer Institute) 2012 gave me a fantastic opportunity to observe and interact with innovative educators from across North America and learn how they are incorporating technology and the latest brain research into the classroom.   I came back with a wealth of new information and new ideas from teachers that I now consider colleagues.  It will me takes some time for me to process all the information and ideas I brought back.

In the meantime, with apologies to David Letterman, here are the Top Ten Things I Learned at DENSI:

10. Do not taunt the bison at Yellowstone National Park.

9.  Apple products far outnumber PC products among DENSI educators.

8. Textbooks are undergoing a technological revolution, becoming interactive and dynamic; Discovery Education offers such an alternative.

7.  Passion and a positive attitude go a long way toward a successful learning environment

6. Collaboration with educators improves the classroom experience for students and the Discovery Education Network (DEN) provides access to experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

5. Technology can facilitate collaboration with schools around the world.

4.  Students need to be taught critical thinking skills, including the ability to locate, examine, analyze, verify and evaluate information found on the Internet.

3. Technology tools are available to help you improve your productivity.

2.  Students learn better with regular exercise and movement.

1.  Today’s technology enables learning to take place anywhere and any time, not just in the classroom.