Productivity tools

Technology tools can be helpful, but can be overwhelming. What do you do to remain productive and stay focused? is one of my new favorite sites!


Steve Dembo introduces us to exciting educational tech toys. His energy and excitement is contagious, exciting time to be a kid (or an adult with a kid's mind!) Check out Cubelets, Life of George or Sifteo Cubes

Ways to blow your kids minds with an iPad

Ready, Set, Go! It's time for Hall Davidson's presentation.

Brain research

Ginny Washburn's presentation on brain research emphasizes the importance of creating a positive learning environment. Emotional intelligence is as important as IQ. She shared examples on how to use Discovery Education tools to engage positive emotions.

And we are off!

David Warlick opens up our conference with his brilliant presentation on how to crack the digital native information experience!

I see a bison!

Today one of our team building exercises was a visit to Yellowstone National Park where we saw a number of natural wonders including the Old Faithful Geiser.

Old Faithful

As I stand in front of Old Fairhful, I am awed by the majesty of God's creation.

Gallatin Valley

On our way to Yellowstone

A Montana Sunday morning


Woke up to a spectacular Montana morning, it is quiet and peaceful, air is crisp and the sun is shinning.  Looking forward to our trip to Yellowstone National Park.  Check back for photos and updates.

Day 1 at DENSI 2012