DE Streamathon event

St. Louis School uses a variety of 21st Century educational tools to engage our students. One excellent source of engaging material is Discovery Education, the educational arm of Discovery Channel. This past Saturday, five of our students were key participants in a Discovery Education professional development event broadcast to more than 2,500 educators in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The “Streamathon” event was produced as a television program and broadcast live via the Internet from the Discovery Channel studios in Silver Spring.

Grandparents Day coding fun!

Click on the link below to try the challenge!

iMovie for iPad

iMovie is an easy and creative program that allows you to edit and produce outstanding videos. The iPad version is quick and easy to use. Check out the link below for a quick tutorial. Also visit Dicovery Education for resources from the AFI the American Film Institute.

Native American Project

The Fifth Grade is busy working on their collaborative Native American projects. Students can refer to these resources in addition to using the school library, World Book online and Discovery Education.



Free Teaching Resources from Discovery Education

Discover Education offers a variety of free resources, lesson plans, interactives and activities for your classroom. Take a look at a few below:


Lone Survivor

A group of Seventh Grade boys comes together to create a game on Sratch! True collaboration, adults should take note.


In remembrance and in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner, my 8th grade homeroom students reflected on what freedom means to them.
May God bless America.

So proud of my students!

The sweet days of summer are fleeting and we hope you have packed them with fun times with your family and friends. Summertime allows us to pursue our passions that we may not otherwise have the time for during the school year, and that is no exception for teachers, as well. I had the opportunity this summer to teach a group of middle school girls at the CyberSTEM Camp at the University of Maryland.