DE Streamathon event

St. Louis School uses a variety of 21st Century educational tools to engage our students. One excellent source of engaging material is Discovery Education, the educational arm of Discovery Channel. This past Saturday, five of our students were key participants in a Discovery Education professional development event broadcast to more than 2,500 educators in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The “Streamathon” event was produced as a television program and broadcast live via the Internet from the Discovery Channel studios in Silver Spring. This unique event was themed after a 1970’s television show and featured leaders in educational strategies and applications related to student instruction and engagement.

St. Louis students were interviewed by Hall Davidson, Senior Director of Global Learning Initiatives for Discovery Education, and had the opportunity to showcase their work and explain the tools and processes they use.  Each student spoke eloquently about the educational environment at St. Louis and the effect learning tools had on their lives outside of school. Students also worked with Dr. Lodge McCammon where they learned the moves to one of his songs and demonstrated the importance of kinesthetic learning during his presentation.

Saturday was filled with excitement and new experiences as we watched the broadcast from the greenroom in anticipation of our turn on stage! The day concluded with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Discovery Channel building and we departed with some Discovery Education gifts for us to remember our visit. We would like to thank the Discovery Education team for the invitation to take part in this event as well as the parents who allowed their child to participate. Next stop Hollywood!

Click on the video and advance to 4:13:45 to see the student’s session!