Coding Fun!

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Coding Challenge from

Course 4 is now available as a BETA test.

High School Competitions

• CyberPatriot

• Cyber ACES

• Cyber Foundations

• U.S.Cyber Challenge

• NetRiders

• NetWars

There are other competitions that focus on other areas of Cybersecurity.

• Skills USA

Careers in Cybersecurity

Letter Frequency

You can find a copy of the Letter Frequency Chart by clicking on the link below:

Code Challenge

Live Data Maps

 Kaspersky’s Cyberthreat Real-time Map

 Fireeye’s


 Norse’s ipviking map

 Norse’s Attack types
 Digital Attack Map

 Anubis Networks The Cyberfeed

Cyber STEM 2015

Access the Cyber STEM folder and upload your file here:

Top 10 Things I learned at DENSI 2015

I always look forward to seeing my DEN friends from near and far and exchanging ideas with a group of intelligent and dynamic educators. Thank you, Discovery Education, for creating such a powerful venue for learning and collaboration.