Bags are packed!

Montana bags are packed with a little help. Will I have to pay extra to bring her?

DENSI 2012 The countdown begins...

Looking forward to beginning a great week of professional development, learning, collaboration and fun with some of the top educators in the country. Montana State University may need to bring in all their RAs to keep this fabulous bunch in line!

Los animales

This post will provide you with the list of animals covered in Spanish class today.  Click on MORE to view complete list.




Spanish Names

Nombres en espaňol Niños (Chicos) • Alejandro • Alfonso • Benjamín • Carlos • Fernando • Daniel • Diego • Eduardo • Esteban • Federico • Guillermo • Hernán • Jacobo • Jorge • Luis • Marcos • Nicolás • Ramón • Samuel • Teodoro • Vicente • Niñas (Chicas) • Ángela • Beatriz • Carlota • Diana • Elisa • Estéfania • Gabriela • Gloria • Irene • Jasmín • Juanita • Julia • Luisa • Luz • Mercedes • María Elena • Pilar • Rosana • Teresa • Yolanda

Los Objetos de la Clase

To review Los Objetos de la Clase (Classroom Items) using electronic flashcards click on the link below:

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Website Links for Spanish Country Project


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Costa Rica

Nutrition Games

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Make Way for Ducklings

101 Things to do this summer!

Hey Kids!

How is your summer going?  Are you looking for ideas of things to do? Check out this article on 101 things to do this summer. Enjoy!